Originally raised in New York, David was captivated by the magic of computers and business. When CD burners first came out, he launched his first venture, selling mixtapes at school, at just 8 years old. From there, he sold DVDs, movies, games, software, and even gave tennis lessons. It's safe to say that David caught the entrepreneurial bug early on.

In 2002, David moved to Miami where he immersed himself in marketing and computer information systems at the University of Miami. After college, he found himself in the fortunate position of being the third member at NovaPOS, a promising startup. Riding the wave of rapid growth, they quickly became the global leader in specialty retail point-of-sale software. After a few life-changing years, the company was acquired and remains a leading player today.

Harnessing his entrepreneurial spirit, David launched a series of ventures:
• Aventura PC Repairs: A computer repair business and full-service marketing agency.
• FromDJs4DJs: The 3rd largest EDM music blog with over 3.5M views and 133,689 members.
Bitton Events: An internationally award-winning entertainment and event production company.
• PracticePanther: Law practice management software used by tens of thousands of lawyers. Acquired by ASG, a private equity firm in San Francisco, combined with 3 other legal tech companies, and reacquired just 3 years later for $400M.

Today, David is a best-selling author, legal CLE speaker, Forbes Tech Council member, Entrepreneur Leadership member, and a thought leader cited in hundreds of publications including Fortune, Insider, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Nasdaq, Hubspot, American Express, Wharton Business Daily, and more.

His current venture, DoorLoop, is a property management software that's raised $30M in funding, employs over 100 of the brightest people, and is used for hundreds of thousands of units in over 100 countries.

A former state champion tennis player, David now enjoys life off the court with his family in South Florida. Feel free to reach out and chat about SaaS, marketing, or the real estate industry.





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David's Story

In 2002, David migrated from New York to Miami where he studied computer programming and marketing at UM.

He then founded a series of ventures: a computer repair and marketing agency, a music entertainment business, and a legal SaaS company that was acquired in 2018. As a best-selling author, legal CLE speaker, and thought-leader cited in hundreds of publications, he's at the helm of DoorLoop, driving transformation in the real estate prop-tech industry.

A former state champion tennis player, he now enjoys life off the court with his family in South Florida.

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Best selling book by David Bitton

The definitive guide to starting, marketing and growing your law firm.

#1 Best Seller for Law Office Marketing
#1 Best Seller for Law Office Technology
Tens of Thousands of Copies Sold

Media Portfolio


Wharton Business Daily Show on SiriusXM Radio

David's insights on the potential impact of the SVB banking crisis on the commercial real estate sector.

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Get a behind the scenes look at DoorLoop's culture, team, and growth.

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Learn all about DoorLoop's property management software today.

CMO Circle Interview for CMSWire

On David's journey into marketing, marketing challenges, KPIs, and more.

Chai Lifeline Children of Hope Award

Awarded at Chai Lifeline's 2015 Southeast Gala for support and volunteering.

ASG Acquires PracticePanther

PracticePanther is acquired by private equity firm ASG from Silicon Valley in San Francisco.

500 Startups Founder Bootcamp

PracticePanther is acquired by private equity firm ASG from Silicon Valley in San Francisco.

Hillel High School Entrepreneur Class

Teaching 200+ students how to start, grow, & sell your own business.

University of Miami Law School

Teaching 3L students how to start their own law firms after passing the bar.

Meet the Family at PracticePanther

Go behind the scenes at David’s previous company, PracticePanther.

Meet PracticePanther's CEO, David Bitton

Meet the co-founder & CEO of PracticePanther and learn why he started the company.

Speaking at NELA Legal conference in St. Pete

David speaks at the National Employment Lawyers Association of Florida conference.



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David has the unique genetic makeup and qualities of a master entrepreneur and leader. He gives of his time, experience and mentorship unquestioningly and generously. He executes complex projects at light speed and his skill set is incredibly diverse and multifaceted.

He has grown numerous large businesses from the ground up, and his approach-ability and sweetness are truly remarkable considering how quickly he moves, and how agile his management style is.

Rarely have I encountered people as efficient, accomplished and skilled as David and still be as nice and enjoyable a human being as he is. I challenge you, spend 10 minutes with him on the phone, and see for yourselves if I have exaggerated any of my praises. If anything, I think you will find I probably undersold him.

Isaac Gorin
KLI Consulting

I've been extremely lucky enough to work alongside David for over 5 years now and can truly say that a company would not grow 10X without him. David has a deep knowledge of marketing, sales, design, and tech. When it comes to building a brand, culture, and a revenue machine, David comes in second to none.

I've personally seen David take a company with just a couple of clients and grow it to tens of thousands in just 4 short years to a successful acquisition. Not only has David successfully built and sold many businesses, but he's also been a mentor to me and helped me make life-changing decisions that have accelerated my career by leaps and bounds.

I truly believe that my words don't do him justice and you'd have to know and work with him like I have to see the impact he'll have in your life and business.

Mor Assouline
VP of Sales, Okendo

Working for David has provided me with the experience and insights necessary to forge my own path. I directly saw PracticePanther grow from a small startup to an impressive mid-size, private equity-owned company. Personally, witnessing this growth has been one of the most motivating experiences in my life.

I mostly value the level of mentorship and guidance David provided. My career significantly progressed, thanks to his management style and willingness to teach.

David is exceptionally dynamic and knows how to address the many issues that arise during the growth of a business. He makes entrepreneurship seem natural and easy. This is what sets him apart from other business leaders, and why a company built under his leadership is automatically on a path to success.

David Helberg
Digital Marketing Manager, PracticePanther

David is amazing! Truthfully, I cannot imagine anyone who will not hit it off with David. He is so personable, caring, helpful, nurturing, and positive.

David is very savvy and analytical. He is a great coach, friend, and mentor. He has helped me tremendously, with all his insights to my website, SEO, and his knowledge on who to contact for every imaginable area regarding marketing and business development. He is a hidden guru in marketing. David will be a tremendous asset to anyone.

I'd say - become friends or hire him now before he becomes too expensive. People like David don't come around so often, so if you have met him, take the time to pick his brain, and let him help you. You won't regret it.

Aaron Fox
Owner, Aaron Fox Law

David Bitton is a power-house. A fully loaded, fully functional 'swiss-army' of a business consultant. I am most humble, grateful and honored for having had the opportunity to have David as my mentor/consultant during the starting stages of my law firm, Erase The Case (you will see David's artistry all over my website).

From his highly effective marketing guidance, to his brilliant e-commerce acumen, to his foundational business suggestions, to his overall knack and expertise in all matters relevant to being an entrepreneur, David Bitton is top notch.

David Weisselberger
Founding Partner, Erase The Case

David has an absolute command around automation, internal process, sales/marketing and scaling a business.

He helped mentor and grew my role from an individual contributor into a managerial position. I have had the privilege to learn first hand from a wizard with a midas touch and I still marvel at the systems he built and put in place.

His humility, empathy, passion and work ethic are unparalleled and remain values that I try and emulate continuously.

Ariel Gross
Customer Success Manager, Modernizing Medicine

David is an exceptionally creative and innovative executive. David would assist me with certain awareness and marketing tactics for my business which assisted in obtaining our projected goals. 

Personally, David and I became friendly with each other. He would recommend books, investors to research, and other tips to advance our business through his knowledge base.

To get to know and work with David is a tremendous plus both personally and professionally.

David Gray
CEO, Casebriefs

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you recommend for starting or growing my own business?

I always recommend working for at least 1 or 2 other companies first, preferably growing startups where you can learn as much as possible. I learned more in 4 months at a startup than 4 years at business school. If you're starting a software company, read The Lean Startup. You will also need to choose a company name, open an LLC, build a website, and learn some of these programs for sales, online marketing, and outsourcing.

Learn how to create goals and milestones, prioritize daily tasks, and work on your hardest and most important task first. It's all about executing as fast as possible. It's impossible to write everything in this short FAQ, but those are some of my favorite resources and tips that should help.

Can I hire you as a consultant, business coach, or board member?

David is available for new board positions and unavailable for consulting at the moment.

Are you available for speaking engagements?

David is available for in-person or virtual speaking engagements including webinars and podcasts as a keynote speaker, thought leader, or Q&A roundtable. David's favorite topics include real estate, stocks, investing, SaaS startups, online marketing, growing a startup to acquisition, and all things business.

What are you doing these days?

David is currently living in Miami, Florida with his wife, 2 children, and dog. He is focused on his latest project, DoorLoop, a real estate property management software.

OrganiZations David Supports

Contact David for press & media inquiries or working together in the real estate PropTech industry.